Gravity and Cosmology

 In Gravity and Cosmology Group, we study the different aspects of the universe using the General Theory of Relativity (GR). The modern cosmology investigates the nature of perturbations in large scale and their evolution. Inflation theory can describe the origin of such perturbations. We study different inflationary models and try to find the models of inflation compatible with Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) data and the recently detected anomalies. Our group also is interested in problems related to the both particle physics and cosmology, such as cosmic neutrino and dark matter. The main directions of our early universe research include:

  • Inflationary model building and anisotropic inflation
  • Structure formation
  • CMB date analysis
  • Cosmic neutrino and dark matter
  • Background magnetic field effects on CMB

Furthermore, our gravity and cosmology group study the special problems in Black Hole (BH) physics, such as the entropy of  BH and relation between the statistical mechanics and thermodynamics of BH.

We are also interested in the AdS/CFT correspondence. In AdS/CFT correspondence, quantum gravity in AdSd+1 background is dual to the conformal field theory in d dimension. In our group, we also work on the following subjects:

  • Modular invariant CFT2 s
  • Five dimensional black holes and black rings
  • O-BTZ black hole

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