Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics Group


The Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics group of Department of Physics at Isfahan University of Technology is involved in research activities in the areas of Strongly Correlated Systems, Frustrated Spin Systems and Disordered Systems.

We are interested in part with these subjects: Phenomenological and Microscopic Theories of Superconductivity, Quantum Magnetism and Frustrated Magnetic Systems, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Graphene and similar materials, Quantum Transport and study of the application of different Disordered Models in the electrical properties of special materials.

The faculty members of the group are listed below:

Dr. Ali Akbar Babaei Brojeni  
Dr. Farhad Shahbazi
Dr. Farhad Fazileh
Dr. Peyman Sahebsara
Dr. Mojtaba Alaei
    Frustrated Spin Systems

     Graphene and similar materials

     Quantum Transport

     Disordered Systems