Weekly Seminar - The Iranian National Observatory; Construction Begins

  • Dr. Khosroshahi
  • 19 Nov 2018, 14:00
  • Lecture Hall
The Iranian National Observatory (INO) project is now well into the construction phase. The project has recently passed a major milestone of the INO340 detail design review, a necessary step to ensure that the design meets the specifications. As a result of this development, the civil construction of the INO340 has begun in Mt Gargash to deliver the 3.4 m telescope pier, fixed part of the enclosure, the service building and the mirror coating hall. The manufacturing/polishing of the secondary mirror, as well as the 1m test mirror, is progressing. Technical materials for the construction of the telescope mount, dome, mirror cell, top unit and the active optics have been prepared to allow us to begin the construction at any moment. The instrument adapter and two instruments are in the design phase. Following the successful operation of the monitoring station, the INO is now commissioning a new survey instrument, the Lens Array, allowing wide field multi-wave length imaging suitable for finding diffuse galaxies.