Weekly Seminar - Multiferroic Materials

Multiferroic Materials


  • Dr. Hossein Ahmadvand
  • 3 Nov 2018, 15:10
  • Lecture Hall
A novel class of advanced materials are magnetoelectric multiferroics in which both of the ferroelectric and ferromagnetic properties are present simultaneously. These materials may also contain ferroelastisicty. Multiferroic materials and devices are one of the highest priority research topics in the past decade. Due to the coupling between the different ordering, these materials exhibit bifunctional properties, which is not present in the parent FM, and FE materials. The main characteristic of mutiferroics is the control of magnetization by electric field or the control of electric polarization by magnetic field. This is possible because of the interface coupling between magnetostrictive FM and piezoelectric FE phases. In recent years, extensive efforts are devoted to the understanding of the magnetoelectric mechanisms, discovery of new multiferroic materials, enhancing the multifunctional properties and promising applications. In this seminar, I present some new experimental results on multiferric materials.