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Direct and Indirect Probes for Dark Matter

Despite the enormous effort that has gone over the past three decades, the true nature of dark matter (DM) which makes up 85% of the matter in the universe remains a mystery. Research into the detectability of DM particles has recently revealed a vast numbers of promising experimental designs ranging from high-precision terrestrial experiments to incorporating astronomical surveys and gravitational wave observations.  The recoil experiments aim to measure a direct evidence of the interaction between DM particles and nuclear or atomic targets. There  are  also indirect searches which are looking for a DM annihilation signal at the Galactic centers. On the other hand, compact astrophysical objects such as neutron stars can capture a sizable amount of DM which provide a unique astrophysical laboratory to indirectly probe the nature of DM. 

In this talk, we will review our recent results in DM searches from ground based experiments to natural astrophysical laboratories. 


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